Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another musical number from...

1] rihanna feat. the dream - i'm not really feeling this one. i dig bad girl, emergency room, sexuality and who ya gonna run to, but not this one really. and the dream wasnt even really on the track!

Rihanna feat. The Dream - Hatin On The Club

2] lil mama- well, i wasnt sure when hear too soon from lil mama. when i saw the track, i was thinkin it would be a remix to beyonce's diva... but umm, it's def not wat i expected from lil mama. it sounds real, pop star-ish. you know something britney spears would do... waste of my energy....

Lil' Mama - I'm A Diva

3] the dream - ok ok, i know we're all lovin rockin that thing, and there are oh so many remixes already. matter fact i was just listiening to the one with fabolous yesterday. here's another one.

The Dream feat. Busta Rhymes % Fabolous - Rockin' That Thing (Remix)

4] And last bubba sparxx- no comment

Bubba Sparxx - That's What I Do