Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yo did you hear the one about chris brown & rihanna?

crazy!!!! you know i started hearing about the incident on sunday before the grammys. at first the story was that there was like a warrant for his arrest in l.a. then it was: he assaulted a female, whom he was arguing with in his car. [whole time, i'm like ain't nobody but rihanna] and the woman identified him as her attacker. meanwhile, rihanna was in a hospital for a "car accident" that wasn't fatal. then we find out that they aren't performing or attending the grammys. then it came out that rihanna as the victim in the cb assault incident. "she had multiples wounds to her temple...." [LOL, as sad as the story is, multiple wounds to the temple is hilarious] well, rumor is that they were fighting because rih rih gave chris herpes! hmmmm.....ewhhhhh. well, chris had a $50,000 bail, which it has been said he paid, and will have a court day sometime in the spring. well, i wonder what the truth behind the situation is, don't you? regardless, he should have never but his hands on her. i feel sorry for both of them.