Thursday, February 12, 2009

BTW did I tell you about the time we went to burger king

lmao. we went to burger king last week to get some food for our friends, after an evening traveling in chambersburg, pa. when we put our order in and got our food, we were still sitting in the car at the drive thru window. biana opened her apple pie, which was undercooked, and soggy on the top. briana: ungh ungh, ungh ungh i'ont like this. c'i have my dolla back. rest of us: lol. briana: ungh ungh, ungh ungh this pie aint cooked. mel xcuse me sir, could we have our money back for this pie it's not cooked. i look in my bag of chix fries, and find a whopper in it. I'ONT EAT BURGERS! me: hey, hey. i didnt order no burger, and he charged for it, c'i my money back. briana the whole time: ungh ungh, c'i get my dolla back. "scott" the guy at the window [ yeah we know his name bcuz von said that he was there the last time they went to burger king] mel: sir could we have our money back for this pie bcuz its not appetizing and i believe it's not cooked. "scott" : well, the perspiration of the pie causes the cardboard to sweat so the pie is going to get wet, but its cooked.... briana: ungh ungh, c'i get my dolla back, i dont want it no more. "scott" : i'm sorry i can't do that. mel: can i speak to a manager. "scott": okay one moment please. so we sitting in the car waiting. here comes the manager. manager: how can i help you ladies. mel: um, she just wants her money back for this pie. it doesnt look appetizing, and she doesnt want it. me: hey, hey dont forget that burger, lemme get me money too. mel: o and she never ordered a burger, so can she have her money back too. manager: well, okay..... heres $2.12, $1.06 each, andyou ladies have a nice evening. [mind you it's like 11 pm] mel speeds off [ ghost ni**az]