Wednesday, July 29, 2009

thebeamup front

alright, alright. iWill post 'The Beam Up'

DC artist Kingpen Slim, is one of those that will put DC on the map [musically].

sound: something, you'll be glad you heard

current hits/singles: "powder 4 da babies"

make sure you download!!!!! ASAP. trust, you won't regret!

write up from Too Hood 4 Hollywood:

"The Beam the culmination of 3 months of commitment, hard work, and wonderful musical talents coming together!Kingpen Slim is one of The DMV's best artist..ask your favorite rapper from DC about Kingpen Slim...ask Wale, ask Tabi Bonney, ask Raheem Devaughn, ask Rich Harrison, ask them about Kingpen Slim...or better yet don't ask anybody...Download Kingpen Slim's The Beam Up album now for free...16 joints introducing Kingpen Slim to the world.

Kingpen Slim's The Beam Up, project features some of the DMV's best artist like, Raheem Devaughn, Tabi Bonney, Kevin Ross, Phil Ade, Don Juan, XO, Mo Chips, and the helm of the production...was The DMV's own DJ J Buttah...producing most of the album connecting with Slim to bring his one of kind artistry to the main stage! Also on production...Team Demo(Illa Gee, 50 Cent), Best Kept Secret(Wale), Lionell Davis(Richcraft), Dope Sunny(Phil Ade). "

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