Thursday, July 30, 2009

twingo [twitter lingo]

ok, so iSaid iWas gonna post some of common words you may see on twitter. iMyself am still learning what some of these lil phrases mean...

  • <3>
  • FB - Facebook
  • FML - F*** My Life
  • FTW - For The Win, enthusiasm/recommendation
  • FTL - For The Loss, complaint/dissaproval
  • GAC - Get A Clue
  • IMHO - In My Honest Opinion
  • JSYK - Just So You Know
  • LMK - Let Me Know
  • twitch - intense need to tweet
  • WGACA - What Goes Around Comes Around
any other "twerms" iFound iDidn't find necessary. BUT if you find/use/heard of anymore, be sure to comment