Tuesday, August 4, 2009

yummy in ya tummy

ok, so iHad to make a couple dishes for an event iHad two sundays ago, and iThought i'd share the recipe fot the pasta salad iMade!


1 lb. pkg. pasta
1 bottle Ranch salad dressing (or a preffered

2 tomatoes
1 green pepper
6 green onions OR 1 small onion
1 cucumber
Parmesan cheese


1. Cook the pasta, then drain and cool . Be sure

to add a dash of salt while it boiling.

2. Dice the vegeatables, and place in a large


3. Mix the drained pasta into the vegetables, and

pour the dressing over it while mixing.

4. Then mix in the parmesan cheese and


5. Serve immediately, or it can be put in the

fridge until you are ready to serve.

pasta type: iWld recommend rotini, shells, macaroni [iUsed a mix of these 3] or any other short pastas: penne, farfalle [bowtie], fusilli, gemelli, etc. you can even use tortellini [just be sure that the flavor of filling wont clash with your salad dressing]

variations: you dont have to use salad dressing. you can use maybe like a vinegar and seasoning or flavored vinegar, or even like olive oil.

Bon App├ętit