Tuesday, August 4, 2009

you want me to what? play in your band?!?!?

ok, so young money artist, shanell [who iHear is d. woods sister], has been around for quite some time actually. she's been penning songs for artists and working with like lil wayne [prom queen], nicki minaj [handstand], danity kane, kelis, keri hilson, usher and beyonce, but iGuess she's now ready to hit the scene with her vocals [hmm, random: iThink this is déjà vu...]. she is currently working on her debut album , a taste of shanell, but you can catch her performing with lil wayne and young money on their america's most wanted tour [really though: america's most wanted? smh]

[iAlso hear she's part of a group the girls club with d. woods and mika means...? correct me if i'm wrong?]

sound: hmmm, iThink she sounds like a couple different ppl [i've heard she sounds like kelis? iHighly disagree, because someone is probly mistakin her for mika means, who DOES sound like kelis] but iLike her voice, she just needs to sing the right songs

current hits/singles: play in my band ft lil wayne [listen here], party all the time ft aubrey o'day [listen here]

iActually like 'party all the time', idk maybe bcuz its a collab? idk... but play in my band, on the other hand [hey that rhymes], what the hell was that?!?!?!?! the song is random! if you listen to the words, esp when the 1st verse and when the chorus comes up, there is no connection! it as if they are forcing it, esp when wayne came on, iWas just like 'whoa, where'd that come from!?!!!? regardless, it dont matter if she can sing... if the words dont connect, you have a bad song! great singer or not! iReallt hate when good singers choose bad songs, its like a waste of talent! the song is catchy, its just the lyrics need to be retouched.

but check her myspace,, for other songs

p.s. did anyone but me peep her nose ring jewelry? ->