Thursday, October 15, 2009

Jukebox: Mario's D.N.A. album

although iAm yet to review the WHOLE album, it seems like r&b crooner Mario has gotten some good love for his latest album D.N.A. yes, iWas and still am a fan of 'Break Up' and 'Stranded', and also getting into 'Thinkin' About You'. however iRead the album review on concreteloop, and iHave to say i'm a bit disappointed that they said "....Giving a nod to his Baltimore/D.C. roots “Before She Said Hi,”(featuring G.O.O.D Music’s Big Sean) is the most noticeable go-go specific track, that is perfection indeed...."

yes! they said D.C. and Bmore, and then go-go in the same sentence!

no, no i'm not hype about the D.C. mention. i'm actually almost upset[?] bcuz last time iChecked Bmore was NOT in the DMV region [D.C. and the surrounding VA/MD area]. iHad previously [before the review] taken a listen to the track 'Before She Said Hi" and iWas NOT even thinking go-go. matterfact, iWasnt really LIKING the track. [iWas thinkin more 'oh i'll probly like it if iKeep it on rotay...']

iLove Mario, but he's not from D.C. its just that simple. and yeah 'Before She Said Hi' is heavy on the drums/go-go-ish but its def not "noticeably go-go specific"

for those who may have never heard go-go before, try checkin out some go-go music sites: gogocentral's imeem, Dc Go Go Paradise....

But don't forget to go cop Mario's new album D.N.A. IN STORES NOW!