Friday, November 13, 2009


ok. so iThink we're all tired of all this Chris Brown/Rihanna mess [at least iAm] rite? honestly, iThink we need to just put the whole incident behind us.

so iWas on concreteloop today, and saw their lil post on CB @ the Wendy Willams show today, and ppl were just commenting left n rite. one comment(s) iLiked/Read was:

"I dont think she owed US any details on how CHRIS beat her because the fact is he beat u and it was wrong. But its not like she REPEATEDLY Like most domestic violence vtictims continuiously appeared on tv with her faced damn near knocked off. I can forgive Chris because atleast hes not using that incident to become this soo called GANGSTA OR HARDCORE musician like Rihanna has been doing lately…releasin covers of her like shes some soft porn rockstar singer..and since when may I ask? How can u be an adovcate for women of violence when in a way your glorifyin how stupid was that to get GUNS tatted on your body when Guns represent violence? Now just imagine if Chris was to do that?? see the double standard im talking about?? and how Rihanna statin that she busted her brother in the face with a bottle?? was that ok as well because shes a woman??" in reply to:

"@63 So why doesnt she blast her on here? About her releasing the video audio for the wait is ova?, the one withi Jeezy and the present one Cold Case? I just feel the article was just plain out wrong. Like she is annoyed with him but yet she is still gaining off of him. She should of just stayed neutral." in reply to:

"@ Don’t worry bout it
NO GO. Don’t try to twist Rihanna’s words. She said NO She DID NOT hit him first…but even IF she had that wouldn’t make what he did ok. CHRIS HIMSELF HAS ALREADY SAID HE WAS THE ONE AT FAULT so why are his fans still trying to create an alternate scenario of things THAT NEVER HAPPENED? If you are “team breezy” just be that and stop trying to make Rihanna into the one at fault. CHRIS BROWN IS A CONVICTED FELON FOR A REASON! He didn’t just slap Rihanna to “retaliate”. He beat her down like she stole something. There is something known as EXCESSIVE FORCE. Chris Brown is trained IN MARTIAL ARTS. Which means he could defend himself against Rihanna very easily. He chose to go above and beyond what was necessary. End of." in reply to:

"all of the tracks leaked from graffiti have been fire so far. all the tracks leaked from rated r have been iffy, so-so. No one can say that boy cant make a song.. im copping his album, and ima dude. not sure if that makes me seem gay or somethin but that ni**a is nice and i wanna support him. Cuz a lot of women in this world are scandalous, and they use the fact they are women as an advantage. Rihanna said , ” even if i did hit him, does that make it ok..” blah blah blah. it doesnt make the ass whoopin he gave her ok, but it is certainly justified, especially if she had hit him before. i see it everyday girls hitting guys cuz they know the guys arent supposed to do something back. I bet this example of domestic violence will teach women: if u dont want your ass kicked, dont hit me like you want me to retaliate.
team breezy all day" [yea its kinda all over the place but...]

my opinions on this whole incident since Rihanna had her interview on 20/20 is that she isnt telling the whole truth.

i'm not saying that CB is rite for beating her, bcuz it definitely did not have to escalate to that. He was outright wrong for that. but you cant tell me that you allowed him to be hitting you, choke holding you and you didnt do NOTHING back to defend yourself! damn, you really were/are a fool for love OR an idiot OR youre lying! esp since she comes from a previously abusive family, iFind it hard to believe that she NEVER did anything back to CB, c'mon son! AND iRead an article that says police reports state Rihanna as the 1st one to strike a blow....
and then on top of that, cosigning with that 1st concreteloop comment, she wanna start actin all hard [ie 'Hard' song w/ young jeezy, 'G4L' (ie gangsta 4 life.. smh) and all her new music] and in subtle ways, the gun tattoos. in the music however iDo sense her pain that is still there [as well as in CB's music], and whatnot, but still. AND THEN she gets like domestic violence award or whatever, so is she supposed to be the new face of relationship abuse? iThink, personally, that this new image she's takin on is NOT what those in abusive relationships really need to be lookin up to...
but once again, in reference to one of those comments above, Rihanna, or CB, dont owe any of us an explanation or anything rite? But honestly iThink i'd really like to hear the truth from beginning to end, cuz idk whats goin on w/ this story, yet i'm tired of it.

anyone care to share their opinions?