Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Style File: Weekend Look

so iTtly fell in love w/ this look on shopbop, like iSo gotta pull it off some day...

its a chill, laid back look that you can go shopping in, hang out w/ friends, even go on a date w/ ya man on a relaxed day or weekend.

here's what shopbop presents:

-ankle boots. doc martens, ankle/mid shaft boots mostly of leather fabric, suede can also work. your boyfriends boots [lol]
-long sleeve jerseydress. iWld def go for the calf length dress. nowadays everyone wants to dress so skimpy but iStill like being fully covered at times! wear a short drapey jersey dress w this look if you dare
-drapey sweater/cardy. the flowy oversized sweater is what you want w/ this look. neutral colors for the real chill, bold for the unique
-the one and only military jacket/parka. iHave a short olive bomber :(, but iWld really like to invest in a canvas parka now... iWld suggest black, greys, dark browns, and of course military green/olive
-and dont forget your messenger/shoulder bag

1. the dress

2. the sweater

3. the jacket

4. the boot