Friday, December 18, 2009


Rihanna may not be my fave artist, but she is a style icon to me [even tho, as always, iDont want to wear EVRYTHING she decides to wear...]

iThought i'd just post this vid, bcuz my friend Baby Girl reminded today of how much iLove her style! She saw Rih Rih's neew vid before i [since iMissed the premiere by 1/2 a min!/ she said she look'd good in the vid. i'm about to see exactly how fly Rih was....

lets analyze....

-ok i'm lovin the white jacket. [yes]
-not feelin her makeup where she's wearin the helmet... that dirty/rough look just isnt lookin good on her
-and why wldnt we like the spiked dress?
-when iSaw the preview for the vid, iClda swore Rihanna was wearin pasties... seems like she wasnt so bold that time
-she is too much

however, this chick called Rihanna seems to think she a gangsta... hmph