Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How much is too much??

so im Quite sure folks have all heard about The Hills star Heidi Montag and her "10 surgeries-in-one-day" new look. She's "addicted to [plastic] surgeries".

see iNever used to watch The Hills, or even Laguna Beach, until this past year or so [the season where Lauren Conrad leaves], so when iSaw an old pic of Hiedi, iThought "ewh. she def did upgrade." cuz she was really lookin like a Plain Jane, but not ugly....

heidi montag plastic surgery

well, like the title of this, how much is TOO much??

honestly, she overdid it... idk if she did/didnt get plastic surgery to look like the Heidi we've been seeing the past couple seasons of The Hills [after a 1st round of plastic surgery], but she DEF overdid it. she looks like a different person!! im not sure if thats what plastic surgery is sposed to be all about... [although we did see that w the beloved late MJ]. and now she's saying that she is "NOT addicted".

[just look how they forgot about THE OBAMAS, who shld be MORE important that her, they got the top right hand corner. smh]

how does Heidi now look in the mirror and still see "herself" i'd be ttly freaked out if iEver NOT looked like what i've been seeing in the mirror my whole life!

iJust want to know what she is thinking... and what also has me thinking is, isnt she a really religious/Catholic person? if so, why all the surgery?? it just baffles me! [personally iThink the new Heidi Montag is ugly and OLD looking! and she's only 23!! just 2yrs older than me!! smh]

[from this,L, to THIS, R]
heidi-montag-before-and-after-425x269 Heidi Montag Plastic Surgery: Before and After Pics
heidi montag
[And then from this, L, to THIIIISSSS, R]