Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Video Jukebox: Lemar

soooooo..... you know iDo adore Lemar and his music (;

and iHear he has a new single and video out, 'The Way Love Goes'

#letsbehonest tho cuz iDidnt cop his last album. why? well, lets just say iWasnt feelin the first single so therefore it affected my whole opinion on the cd. iKnow, i'm wrong for that right? oh well.... my 2nd excuse wld be that iHavent been to NY in a while, to go to the Virgin music store [thats the only place iCan get a physical cd!] where iGot The Truth About Love.

well, i'll cop it the next time im in NY...

but yeah, back to this new video/single... im liking the concept of it. idk if i've ever seen a music video w/ a Rubik's cube thing goin on... have you?