Friday, January 22, 2010

Pray for Me

well, im kind of an emotional wreck right now. i just got out of my FR202 class almost an hr ago... and im feeling overwhelmed. the semester has just begun, so i know some ppl will probly give me the side eye.

well, leaving FR202, and turning in the homework, i find out that i've been reading the syllabus wrong, and have only been doing half the homework. and i wondered why the teach wrote 'devoirs incomplet' when i got it back. and she doesnt take late work.

so as i turned away from the teach to leave, tears started to form and started dropping before i even left the room. i hope no one saw me, cuz i was trying really hard for no one TO see me cry.

well, you mite think oh, its just 2 homeworks at the beginning of the semester... well its not just that for me. im really starting to think that ive chosen the wrong major. maybe french with business option is not the major i shld be pursuing.

more tears fell w/in the the past hour in my room. i just feel so useless. like ive been wasting my time, let alone think of the money its cost so far.

im barely catching on in FR202, and in FR201 im feelin like a idiot, like ppl are looking at me like 'how did she get in FR201' because its hard for me to speak of the top of my head. ive got to practice and brainstorm what i plan on saying...

i feel like im not in the rite place rite now.

and im not liking it.

i think i wanna cry some more. im not gonna go to ACCTG recitation. its not manditory. even though i know i need it. im just gonna not go today. im takin some personal time.

i'll probly fall asleep or something, watch a movie or something, and just contemplate on what a mess im making of myself...

p.s. im pretty sure i have some mistakes. but oh well.