Monday, February 8, 2010

6 Minute Morning: Flat Stomach

so iPicked up this book sometime in the fall from TJ Maxx [only 2bucks] and read some of it, but havent gone back to it.

now. iKnow iAm a procrastinator at times. and iAm dying to lose up to 40lbs [my dr told me iNeed to anyways] and get that washboard stomach.

so whose ready to get serious and get a flat stomach by the time early summer rolls around??

According to the book, iShld follow a healthy diet in addition to an exercise routine for a flatter stomach.
  • Eat, little and often, a varied diet. Avoid wheat products which cause bloating [anyone heard of the NO BREAD diet. thats gotta be hard. iKnow iLuh me some king's hawaiian bread... smh]
  • Choose a wide selection of FRESH fruit and vegetables, reduce consummation of saturated fats.
  • Eat SITTING DOWN, and chew THOROUGHLY, at least 15min so the brain can receive the msg from the stomach that its full.
  • Dont eat alot of starchy carbs, eg rice, bread, potatoes, pastas [iAlready need this.] These are stored mostly as fat. Not cool
  • Bye-Bye soda [all sodas, even diet & caffeine free]. They cause bloating bcuz theyre loaded w toxins! [Well thank goodness iStopped drinkin soda 3yrs ago! iOnly have it <5/yr>
  • Avoid processed foods, ready made meals which are loaded w salt, sugar, and chemicals! [so iGuess lean cuisines count hunh? lol. and any trips to McDonalds need to be avoided too, even though they arent so often.]
  • Salt reduction!
  • Cookies, confectionery, and cakes! They promote cravings rather than sustained energy levels. [see therein lies my problems. i've got an XXXtremely sweet tooth for baked goods! *sigh*]
BUT dont forget to exercise. as for me, im one that loves to go to the gym but hasnt been there in a while. iMean walking to my classes & stuff, barely taking the bus counts rite??

well, iGuess it doesnt count enough bcuz ive gained a couple pounds this school yr so far. so iThink its bout time iReally get serious about my weight. im tired of not buying new clothes cuz iDont want to outgrow them! its time for me to check myself in the mirror and change what iSee!

So who's bout to go buy there 6 Min Mornin Flat Stomach book and start this regimen w me?!?!?!!? as @iamdiddy says, #LETSGO!