Saturday, March 20, 2010

Classic. Timeless.

so iThink i've made it somewhat clear that iAm not the richest chick out there. and on top that, no, iDont have any designer stuff in my closet.

BUT iDo know what high end goods serve for: Quality. if not quality, it probly just serves a purpose of being expensive, w some designers name on it, or just lookin good. and iTell ya, not everything the top designers put out looks good.

iStumbled across a couple, idk, tips online on buying Quality handbags, so iDecided to do a lil post on that.

1. Speedy bag. this Louis Vuitton bag is just classic and timeless. perfect. it can be used for anything from traveling to daily use. its durable, and goes w just about everything from jeans to dresses. plus it comes in like 4 different sizes to suit your needs. iNeed to invest in one! ;)

[Speedy 35]

2. Birkin bag. this Hermes is design, what some celebs were rockin a couple yrs back, is what iWld also describe and classic and timeless. not only can you wear it casually, but look, you can use it for work! if you wanna get it, it'll def do more damage than the speedy bag, i've seen prices from just under 1k to $2750 to a lil over 15k! yikes! [the Kelly bag is similar to the Birkin]

3. The Chanel 2.55. you cant say this isnt a classic. plus its been revamp'd since its making, plus its a collectible!

4. Stam. this Marc Jacobs, even tho it takes a liking to Chanel's signature quilting and chain, is another classic in its own.

5. Cherche Midi by Balenciaga.

6. Sukey Tote by Gucci. another logo bag, that comes in different colors and material. very roomy.

7. Jenna Watersnake. I've been tryna get my hands on a Beirn bag for about a yr or so... they come in several colors, and sizes. iThink its safe to say that this is a new classic.

this probly wont be all the classic bags out there. but that'll have to do for now.

which bags do you think im forgetting?