Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Music Review: Basik Edukation

One word: "vintage rap". ok that was actually two, lol.

thats what iAm describing Lola Maxwell's music as, Vintage Rap. she puts her flow to some old school type music, and there you have it, great music.

formerly known as Miss Jillz, Lola Maxwell dropped her 4th[?] mixtape today, properly titled Basik Edukation.

the mixtape takes you to her point of view from DC to college life, in such tracks as 'DC Shyt' and 'Homecoming'.

she does a couple covers/demos [which iHave to say were nicely done] : 'The Freshman' [Pursuit of Happiness by Kid Cudi], 'Sing for Absolution' [Muse] this is perhaps the 1st time i've heard her flow over a rock beat, 'World Tour' [Wale], and 'Over Freestyle' [Over by Drake].

as the mixtape's title suggests, Lola gives us her perspective of the college life, such as providing a scene of college homecoming w mention of frat boys, and checking on other kids outfits and such, in 'Homecoming'. it also takes us to DC, as in 'Perfect Stranger', which iThink is reminiscent of 'Chelsea' from the Check the Rhyme mixtape, a story of everyday ppl who dont have much goin for them; unfortunately the story ends in the loss of a life. iThink there is also a personal touch [what kind of artist wld she be w/o being personal!] as in Im lovin It, ppl may try to play her, bcuz they dont really know of her... the tape also gets a sexy track, 'Whisper To Me Baby': "you aint gotta say much, i just wanna feel your touch..."

songs to check out: DC Shyt, Assembly, Over Freestyle, Whisper To Me Baby, AND THE REST OF THE TAPE!!!

Bonus Tracks: Over Freestyle; Black Madonna Part One

go HERE for review and download.

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