Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pt I: Why Are Girls So Stupid...

Why are girls so stupid for love? That’s my only question.

I know girls who waste their time, money and their emotions on guys that will never amount to what they will need in life.

Sometimes I consider myself one of those girls that was stupid in "love".

Take for example, I have a friend who is dating this guy who is younger than her. Not that there is anything particularly wrong with dating a younger guy [even thought there are the downfalls of that. But that’s another issue]. I don’t wanna call them out, so I'll make up some names for them. Sara and Carlos. Maybe I shld start from the beginning of Sara and Carlos' "love affair".

They met at the beginning of last school year [2008], working together at our old Penn State campus. Carlos already had a girlfriend and Sara became the side chick, the one he cheated on his girlfriend with. Now, idk how many females enjoy being a side chick, but I wld never advise anyone to be one. Like is that really how low you place yourself? [I mean I guess I cant really have said anyhting them bcuz me and Sara werent even really close then, we were just cool. We didn’t really start hanging out until last spring.] anyways, Carlos eventually left his girlfriend for Sara, but since then it has been a tumultuous relationship. They get into endless fights/arguments. It's ridiculous I tell you. And the kid is controlling! [Yes I called him a kid.] he always has Sara calling to tell him what she's doing ALL the time. I mean, its good for your boyfriend to know what you're doing but is it THAT necessary that you call and check in every single time???
So this past school year, we've been at main campus. Sara had to leave Carlos behind bcuz he's a sophomore [I guess he didn’t apply to come up either..] do you know that every single weekend of this school yr, Sara has gone to go see Carlos? You know how much money that is? That's approx $40/weekend x no of weekends since around Sept 09. lemme check my calendar. That’s about 27 weekends, not including holidays. You know how much that amounts up to? $1080. this boy only came up one time to see her!
She wastes so much money of this boy that she probly wont even marry! That is as soon as she comes to her senses.
That doesn’t even include her refund check that she got during our sophomore yr. I think she got a couple thousands back. And you know what she used some of it for? Shopping, to be more precise buying clothes for Carlos at target! Wtf! I remember she spent a couple hundred that nite we went to Target…
And that’s not even the end of it. When Sara came to college, she had a car. She still has it, but it was in the possession of her parents, until this last week of school, bcuz they don’t like Carlos. [in fact her parents have basically "disowned" her bcuz of him] last semester these two fools bought a car. A lil Toyota Celica [you know Carlos is a hispanic lol]. Would you believe that Sara put up some 7000$ or so for this car? Carlos didn’t even put up half of that! Then on top that, the car has been in Carlos possession since they had it.
Also, wld you believe this girl lost her phone privilege bcuz of this boy as well? Her parents took her phone, and she had to buy one of those prepaid ones, until recently, her and Carlos got an at&t plan together...
Now. I don’t have any problem with couples purchasing things together. But what if they break up? You know what im saying? Now how wld these two then be able to divide their phone plan and this car??
I'm not sure if my friend is actually smart enough to understand the implications of what she's been doing w her money considering her relationship…
And STILL that’s not the end of this story. A couple wks ago or so, he came up. They went to a lil house party at a friends apt, and story is that Carlos pushed Sara up into a wall, and the police were called. The guy who was having the party called one of my friends and explained the incident, saying that we need to talk to Sara about her relationship, seriously. Apparently the police also told her not to have any contact with Carlos for the nite [or whatever] but guess who she called up from walmart and went back to her dorm with? Of course. Carlos.
Now. After ALL this, tell me that Sara isn't stupid. And if you don’t think something's not wrong with her then I wonder what kind of reasoning you have…
Just understand this… what if carlos' physical abuse shld escalate to the point where he is actually hitting , pushing, punching kicking and beating up Sara? Just reason with me. My friends and I are concerned about her. It's even gotten to the point where we don’t want her telling us stories about what happened in this fight or that fight w him… we just don’t wanna hear it anymore, especially since we've told her to break up w him several times.
I just don’t understand. Sara does this boys homework and allowed him to speak to her however he wants. How can she good about herself at the end of the day? I wldnthavent been in a relationship... but thats another story
anyways, another thing wrong w their relationship is their "time-off" issue. every now and then, these two "break-up".. why? so that Carlos can go sleep w some other girl... how ludicrous is this!

i'll have to continue this post some other time...

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