Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So, It's Homecoming Week at my school, the ever so great, Penn State University!

Now it's bout to get real crazy in this b*ch as soon  a hump day [Wednesday] is over! Lol

I was waiting for the bus this evening, coming from my accounting exam X-( , when a groups of kids starting coming around looking for someone with red hair, or who could fake a punch at them. Haha, apparently they were on a treasure hunt or something, and I later learned that they were morale for THON! Sounded like some fun haha. Some guy said they were a bunch of freshman, I bet.

Then when I got on the bus, a bunch of girls were all dressed up colorfully, one had butterfly wings, one had a bathing suit bottom on top of like hot pink biker shorts and bright green tights, yikes! They were also on their way to a social, as one of the new sorority pledge classes. Made me wished I pledged, they are forever having tons of fun!

But yeah, I'm on the Homecoming Parade Committee, so be sure, if you're in State College this weekend to come down and watch the parade! Also go to the pep rally too for the coronation of the Homecoming King & Queen! And try to hit the game Saturday, Us v. Illionois's Fighting Illini!

For The Glory