Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ode to JC

HeyNow, IGotMyNewShoesOn... Well, I wish I had new shoes, but not at the moment. But with winter rollin in pretty soon, I'm gonna have to change that.

Well, what I wanted to say is that, I feel like this season, Jeffrey Campbell is putting out new shoes before you can say 'yellow'! yeah, that was quite random.

I think it's  mostly in part due to the fact that new colors/fabrics of the Lita shoes and its sisters, are popping up here and there!I'm not a fan of the Lita's and I feel like I liked JC shoes before EVERYONE started really wearing them sometime this year.

I spotted a new design on Solestruck just now, it's called XXL.

All I can say is wow. And it's not a 'oooh'-type of wow. I'm tryna figure out why this shoe is like a 3-in-1 thing.  I feel like some of these JC shoes are stating to be all over the place. For one, we have this XXL shoe that's like  a leather sock, layered under a cheetah print sock, under what looks like suede PLUS a lil leather piece and buckles in the back, and a Clinic-wedge metal heel side. Well damn! just throw every style in there why don't ya!

I love you JC, but I'm not IN love with you anymore. Sorry.

photo via Solestruck