Friday, November 5, 2010


oh my God. it's been wayyyyy too long! my poor blog, i'm sure you feel like i've been neglecting you :(

not really.

i've been tryna get my life in order *sigh* it's my last year [and a half] of college so i'm tryna make the most of it! which is both fun and stressful! particularly stressful on the part of this accounting class i have to take for my major :(( as of today, i've dropped that damn class, twice in two semesters. smh, big smh. i just can't deal with that class, hence i've decided to just take it over the summer, where it can be the one class i'm taking, and i can FULLY concentrate on it *sigh*

no only i have i been neglecting MY blog but my Google Reader is filled with 1000+ posts i need to look at!!!

well, i guess i shld stop here.. tootles for now