Friday, January 28, 2011

Cheap Chic

So you've probably seen the awesome YSL Palais pumps around the web and in stores, or even on someone who you envy just for wearing 'em.

Well you can get it for LESS! Instead of dishing out 720$ + tax, just get a pair or River Island Unicorn platform pumps, and just for a little over a 100$!

River Island is a quite decent brand, and I've noticed pieces by them on several blogs by UK/European/int'l bloggers that I follow. So don't think any less of it, they have a lot of nice stuff. Visit their website: River Island. However, the brand is only in the UK, and also some stores in Europe, the Middle East, and SE Asia/Malaysia. I guess us Americans have to wait till they decide to cross the lake like ASOS, or just visit a store while traveling.

River Island Unicorn pump

Get the Unicorn pumps here!

photos via Nitrolicious and ASOS