Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hair 101: Summer Braid

So, you've got to know that I do love my daily Refinery 29 emails. Ok, so I don't read EVERY single one; sometimes it's just too much for me, or I don't check my mail everyday, and I just have so many things that I'm subscribed to that I can't keep up!

Well, this post features the milkmaid braid that the folks over at Refinery 29 have done a how-to on.. I'd try it if I had long hair, or maybe I can get a wig and do it, or test it out with a weave *shrug*

How - To:

1. Create a center part from front to nape.

Summer Milkmaid Braid Updo

2. Work mousse or molding paste (for coarser hair).

3. Make two low ponytails, or make them higher, depending on the length of hair.

4. Braid each ponytail, weaving with a piece of fabric (suggested size is a 1"x8" piece).

5. You can use a little hairspray for an extra strong hold.

6. Wrap braids across crown of head, and secure with bobby pins, making it look like one continuous braid.

7. Finish by misting with hairspray :)

OR check out the slideshow here, for tips on which products to use.

Photos from Refinery 29.