Monday, June 20, 2011

Law & Order

You can't say that you haven't watched any one episodes in the Law & Order family and did not enjoy it.

I myself am a Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (SVU) fan, was an avid Law & Order watcher, and recently, caught Law & Order: L.A. (LOLA) from time to time; although I have to say, that Law & Order: Criminal Intent, which moved to USA, just didn't catch onto me.

Honestly, I'm not sure what's going on over at NBC, first they cancel Law & Order, and introduce LOLA, which hasn't gotten good ratings [although if you sit down and watch it, it's actually not bad...]. I hear that they're canceling LOLA, but the biggest disappointment for me is that Det. Benson and Det. Stabler on SVU are leaving! Apparently they'll be replaced by some new people, but what's SVU without Olivia and Elliot?!? I think I also heard that Criminal Intent will no longer be running as well, or something like they'll be losing a character, not that I really care. [I've enjoyed Criminal Intent a couple times, but it's nickname may be well-deserving, 'The Show That Will Not Die' lol]

I'm confused a to what's going on here!? Is Dick Wolf tired? Honestly, this is just sad. I couldn't even imagine if such a thing should happen to the CSI series: for someone to tell me that Jerry Bruckheimer was tired, and that CSI: Miami would no longer be! I'd die.

I don't know. Maybe Dick Wolf, or the fan favorite Law & Order cast members are just tired of the series. But I'll give this next season of SVU a try after Benson and Stabler are gone; I gave LOLA a chance, and I was alright with it. [Although I'm baffled because I thought Det. Winters was murdered, but know he's in the newer episodes ?! And some characters were just written off randomly...]

And should anything happen to the Law & Order series, I still have my other shows to fall back on...

*I'm liking this new show that NBC picked up though. It's called Love Bites. Cute lil show that has different stories of different people, some of them intertwined. And they're also picking up a a bunch of new series, including one called The Playboy Club *side eye*
*Another problem channel is ABC... Lord knows how many pilot and canceled series they've been through..