Friday, July 8, 2011

California Love

Last week, I went to Cali for a conference out at The Westin @ LAX.... It was actually great, and I was able to visit family in Riverside, and an uncle in East LA...

But I honestly have to say, that I have to go back!!!!!! [Originally I was sposed to stay for another week, but things didn't go as planned...] I wasn't able to do much, but just from walking outside around the Westin, I knew that L.A. is a place for me.

One thing's for sure: I was def loving the weather out there. It was sunny yet breezy. Not like our East Coast summers that are stiffling hot and humid! I was just loving that L.A. weather, even getting a bit chilly at times. Although I do have to say that I am NOT loving the Riverside heat. I almost melted when I got out the car when we got there... I'm not sure if it felt like I was back in DC or worse. And my aunt is thinking it'll be cheaper for me to live out there. She's gonna be disappointed cuz I can't fathom that type of heat. No way.

But yeah, just a little peek in my past week. Even with all the ups and downs [particularly me and my sister's 4hr delayed flight in Houston! And even missing our flight from LAX home, then having to pay $300 to be rebooked!], I enjoyed that bit of vacay I got :)