Friday, July 31, 2009

DIY from express newspaper!


ok, so iWas readin this weekend's express paper when iStumbled upon the 'make your own masterpiece' article! [uber-excitement] it gives simple recipes for making your own Warhol, for probly a tiny fraction of what you may have spent on the real deal. iTotally loved this article, and iLook forward to making my own warhols, cuz frankly, idk'd where to start! iHave always had an artsy side to myself [which probly takes up more than iKnow, but i've ignored it iGuess] and iWld really like to express it this summer, as soon as iFind the nearest michaels craft store to me [or iMay resort to online purchasing]

these are instructions on how to make a couple abstracts for the beautification of your dwelling, check it out ASAP!

photo art