Monday, August 3, 2009

style file

so, what can we look forward to in fashion this coming fall? iThink iWld say over-the-knee slash thigh-high boot [iHave a flat pair thats like this blackish snakeskin material ;]

they arent a new fashion/trend [as with several others that are being recycled] but iThink it mite be time when bots that come above the knee arent consider 'hooker boots'. previously in the fashion realm, it was equestrian and booties/ankle boots, but this time around we're going for height and elegance to achieve this look. and the look is NOT just limited to the fashion-minded, its for everyone, with styles ranging from rock, quirky and classic.

ladies, you have no excuse. bring out your 'hooker' boots from the back of the closet, or go get some today.