Tuesday, December 30, 2008

oh and those of you interested

bluefly has this sale on gucci silk scarves, for a limited time only. so act fast!

hmmm, i cant seem to find out why my keys are acting sticky. when i type, some letters are missing here n there.... new years cleaning huh?

I know some people was tired of the singing, or should i say auto-tune/vocader...

but be happy there are some unreleased kanye tracks leaking, like payback and flute flow. so, those of you not feeling ye's singing, ya happy?

Monday, December 29, 2008

I love lemar!!!!!!

lemar is a british/uk r&b/soul singer. i found out about his music when i watched mtv base in nigeria. well, that was about three cds ago, as he just dropped his latest, the reason, late november. i love his musi, despite my friends making fun of me.... he's got a great voice, and i hope he'll crossover just like estelle did [whom i knew way before american boy, how bout you try her song free from way back...]


born in london to nigerian parents, lemar has become the uk's leading pop/soul artist. at seventeen, he already had his first concert, supporting usher at the junior jam at the tottemham. and instead of studying pharmacy at cardiff univ, he pursued his musical career. [and look at him today!] before landing a bmg contract (who he's no longer with) he supported artists like usher, total and destiny's child. debut single: got me saying ooh. he is notably known for being on fame academy in 2002, which led to his sony music record deal. not only that but he has worked with some well known artists including styles p, joss stone, and sway. now 30 years old [wow... he never seems that old to me...], lemar is a father and is still doing it big in the uk.

singles include: dance (with u), 50/50, another day, if there's any justice, time to grow, don't give it up, it's not that easy, someone should tell you, if she knew [2008].

Ladies, peep this

okay, so for quite some time, ive been following mac cosmetics, and the looks that they provide. its interesting, and i dont think we ladies shld be shy to try sme of these looks. it may take a lot of money buying the makeup and tools, but its worth the beauty right? some of my faves are ahoy there, dita von teese, fergie, kango rouge, port red....

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Saturday, December 27, 2008

And i quote

" i cant help it
im a helples romantic
youre the ocean
im titanic
baby i would sink for you"
- jon b
jon b is a wonderworker, check him out:

Monday, December 22, 2008

Hmm, i didnt know louis did jeans....

ladies this is for you. it came to my attn that louis vuitton also makes jeans. dont know how long thats been goingon, cuz i may just be the last to know? but they are $400 and up.
also the shoes are a pair i always wanted, and am yet to get. at a lil over $1,000, it features swaroski crystals! perfect for a lbd, or and occassion. chexy, huh?

I guess i'll start providing links

to new music

be sure to check out:

chocolate high by india.arie featuring musiq

"im addicted to your chocolate high"

blame it by jamie foxx featuring t-pain

"blame it on the a-a-a-a-alcohol"


OMG it was tooooo cold

wow, i just got back from harris teeter [pls lemme get this job Lord] but i really shldve turned back home and gotten a longer coat. i went outside with my peacoat, and even though it has extra lining, it was mad cold outside. christ! it must have been below freezing, and the wind! now im in my room drinking some hot ginger drink via nigeria thanx to gma! [muawh] but yeah, i walked all the way to the train, bcuz the bus already left. then wn i was comin back, the bus came a couple minutes late. so i was in the cold probly a cld 30 mins today! and i did a lil shoping and forgot to pick up silk soymilk, well its aight cuz ima just wait for my dad to come home. and either he gon pick it up on his way back from work, or we'll just drive down to safeway. and you know the worst part of this is that my feet are still cold even though i been home for like half an hour now. never wear chucks in the winter! they arent made for the winter. matterfact chuck taylor needs to put warnings on their shoes: NOT MADE FOR WINTER. BE ADVISED NOT TO WEAR DURING WINTER. lol. im gonna sit by the vent to heat up some more.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I can't take this, i can't take this

not another day.

yo im so sick and tired of laying around my parents house with nothing to do. i been trying to get a job, applying here and there, but everyone's already fully staffed, or not hiring till after the first!!!! cra-s-y. man, if only i can get the job at my last resort. i aint tryna be at home the home xmas break, with no cash flow, that beyond possible, and i gotta get a secret santa gift for my person, who just so happens to be a abercrombie and fitch person. i was thinking of her a couple abercrombie sweaters, in colors other than navy blue, blue or gray, cuz they seem to be the main colors she has: boring! well at first i got my friend la von, but she is a tuff one. she likes betsey johnson and just about anything urban outfitters, free people, that vintage type of stuff. but the thing is that you get her stuff she like, and its a possibility you might have just picked up the one thing she aint like in the store! that y when i heard mel was gonna have her own name, i did the ol' switcheroo. and we all kno xcept her. lol. but i already figured out who got who. it's only five of us, so it aint dat hard to figure. i got mel, la von got me, mel got la von, berniemac got doms, and doms got berniemac. cool huh? maybe next yr we'll include the guys, but that is if they decide to come back home, cuz they got new friends and dont know how to act.

but anyways: God plz get me this job!! i beg!!! you came through with this semesters grades, and i know that you'll come through once again!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I fux with

-justin timberlake and t.i. its a new single, 'if i' by justin featuring t.i. and tip is giving us a sample of what his singing voice sounds like! it might rub off on you after a couple listens, but get up on that asap
-kid cudi on 'cudi spazzin' cudi freestyles over n.e.r.d.'s spazz. check it out, its dope.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Finally done!

yes!!!! after looking a mess for the past three weeks, i am finally done with this semester. i only pray that God will have mercy on me, and let me pass my classses with nothing less than a c cause a d is def not what i need in order to get to where im going. if i wanna go to main campus, im gonna have to be getting some good grades. well, im actually really tired right now. i was supposed to take a nap, but i got carried away, so now im in the coffee shop chillin with berniemac while she studies for her physiology final 2moro. sighhhhhhh it starting snowing here in pennsylvania this morning, i wonder what the weather's like in dc. cant wait to go home! i might not like my house, but i will def be loving my room for the next two days, when i catch up on some sleep. but even now, im so bored that i wish i had something to do beside write this blog. maybe read a book, or maybe i cld write a short story? hmmm, i will ponder that some more. mel left earlier today, so that's one friend gone, and then doms is leaving today. then it'll be me 2moro, and berniemac and la von on thurs or fri. ugh, i have a lump in my throat, not because im sad though....

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I did try to post earlier....

but the internet in my room is acting up!!!!!!! it works, it dont work. i mean can i just get a steady connection? crazy.....

well, im tryna do some justice to my 20 page marketing paper, and then redo the draft of my english paper. im gonna turn it upside down so it can look right, i guess......