Thursday, February 11, 2010

Come here, Rude Boy

iThink there was TOO much hype surrounding the premier of Rihanna's new video for her latest single, Rude Boy.... WAY too much hype

shall iSay.... colorful! lol we can clearly see that she decided to go back to her Carribean roots, even in her "dance moves".... [ahahahaha]

sorry RihRih but im gonna bomb you cuz you aint the best dancer out here. hey, neither am i, but still.

oh yeah, can iHave that black/white catsuit???

*where is the supposed "rude boy" was she the one that was sposed to be rude?? besides the couple of dudes [the dancing one, who iThought was Chris Breezy, and the one of the bike] iDont think the rude boy was defined well in this video. you know videos always like to tell a story of some sort, or at least be related to to the song . . . engh