Friday, February 12, 2010

That aint nothing but

SOME DAMN ANKARA!!! NO not Ankara, Turkey, stupid.

frankly iLike how ppl are using fabrics traditional to West Africa and callin it new style.... Um excuse me, get ya facts straight cuz my people all over West Africa have been wearin it for idk how long!

and its funny cuz we [young people of African descent] used to be so emb'r'ssed to wear traditional clothes in public, but now we are too syced to get it madd in a design more racier/fashionable/stylish than the girl/guy next to us, at the next African party or even on nites out!

well, iAlways like our traditional clothes and you aint have to ask me twice to draw up a design!

well, iReally did this post bcuz iSaw that Beyonce & Alicia Keys were wearing some custom Boxing Kitten 'fits on the shoot of the soon to be realeased video 'Put It In A Love Song' [*blah face* sorry iJust think its NOT the best celeb/singer duo].

well iRemember ConcreteLoop callin the Boxing Kitten line "vibrant". iMean iGuess you can call it that, but it just some cute traditional clothes if you ask just bout any person who's of West African/African descent. and iWas even more "annoyed" or more like smh when iRead that the designer of the line thought she was doing something different. Child pls, you are WAY behind. cuz iCan rite go to the african store, and ask for the tailor to whip me up something for whatever party is this weekend.

some other celebs have been seen in Boxing Kitten:

here are another pic of some Boxing Kitten garments:

pics from ConcreteLoop

and now iFeel prompted to do another/followup post on West African traditional clothing...